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For tortoise, terrapin and turtle care and conservation


[Adapted from McArthur, Wilkinson, Meyer, Hernandez-Divers and Innis (2003) Medicine and Surgery of Tortoises and Turtles, Blackwell Science]

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information given. However, the authors accept no liability for the results of using any data contained here. Readers are encouraged to verify all data independently and to use appropriate techniques and licensed drugs wherever they are legally or ethically required to do so.

Keepers of chelonians should be asked to complete appropriate consent forms prior to medical or surgical intervention. Any consent form should inform the keeper of the limitations in reference and therapy data and should include permission to use unlicensed products where the clinician feels appropriate.

DrugTrade nameIndicationsDose
AcyclovirZovirax, ®GlaxoHerpesvirus80mg/Kg q8hrs p.o.
AllopurinolGenericChronic gout10mg/Kg q24hrs p.o.
AmikacinGenericAntibiotic5mg/Kg q48hrs i.m.
AmpicillinPenbritin® BeechamAntibiotic50mg/Kg q12hrs i.m.
ButorphanolTorbugesic® Ft DodgeAnalgesic0.4mg/Kg once i.m.
CalciumGenericUterine inertia10mg/Kg q24hrs i.m.
CarbenicillinPyopen® BeechamAntibiotic400mg/Kg q48hrs i.m.
CarprofenRimadyl® PfizerAnalgesic4mg/Kg
CeftazidimeFortum® GlaxoAntibiotic20mg/Kg q72hrs i.m.
ClarithromycinKlaricid® AbbotAntibiotic15mg/Kg q48hrs
DoxycyclineNot currently available as injectable in UKAntibiotic and potentially anti-protozoal50mg/Kg initially, then 25mg/Kg q24hrs
EnrofloxacinBaytril® BayerAntibiotic10mg/Kg q24hrs
FenbendazolePanacur® HoechstNematocide50mg/Kg 1,21
FluconazoleDuflucan® PfizerAntifungal1mg/Kg p.o. q24hrs
KetoconazoleNizoral® JanssenAntifungal20mg/Kg q24hrs p.o.
MetronidazoleFlagyl® R.P.R.Antibiotic20-50mg/kg q24hrs p.o.
Antiprotozoal20mg/Kg q48hrs p.o.
OxfendazoleSystamex® ScheringNematocide65mg/Kg p.o. day 1,14
OxytocinOxytocin-S® IntervetUterine inertia1-10IU/Kg i.m. x 1-3
PiperacillinPipril® LederleAntibiotic100mg/Kg q48hrs i.m.
PotassiumSando-K® SandozHypokalaemia 
PraziquantelDroncit® BayerCestocide10mg/Kg p.o. or i.m.
ProligestoneDelvosteron® IntervetFollicular stasis20mg/Kg s.c.
Sulpha-dimethoximeCoxi-plus® VetrepharmCoccidiosis50mg/Kg p.o. 7 days
Vitamin AVit A palmitate® Cambridge LabsDeficiency2,000 IU/Kg s.c. once weekly
Vitamin B1Various multivitaminDeficiency 
Vitamin D3Nutrobal® Vionate etc.Metabolic bone disease4 IU/Kg q24hrs p.o.